Cappuccino Cusco

  • We welcome you with joy

    In Cappuccino Cafe promote our culture and show us as we are a family that through effort and joy we provide the best of our

  • The best view

    We have an excellent location , allowing you to enjoy the festivities of our

  • Relax

    Enjoy a relaxing time with your partner , with appropriate

  • Details

    We have not only a variety of coffees , also have tradicional teas that will surprise you for being unique and

  • Promote culture

    The art forms such as film , theater and music are present. It is a space to share with different nationalities , ways of thinking and our Peruvian

Four Square Cappuccino

  • Great breakfast, great coca tea, lovely view, and great friendly staff.
    Diógenes Diaz
  • Pagas por la vista así que pidan mesa en el balcón.
    Alan x el mundo
  • El café con baelys buenazo
    Sandra Ez
  • Prueben los deliciosos pankekes que hay uhmmm con chocolate, con frutas es muy bueno y mas aun con la vista hacia el centro de la plaza!!!!
    Eva Rosas

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